1. The contest is open for all Dance Crew in Bicol Region.
  2. Each group must consist of 7 to 16 members only regardless of age and gender.
  3. Each group can choose their own dance piece. The routine must not less than the minimum of three (3) minutes nor exceed the maximum of eight minutes. The excess of one second shall be considered as an additional one minute, thus three will be a deduction of 5 points per minute: Timing of begins when the first audible sound starts and the last audible sound.
  4. Each group can register within the day of the contest and must show their ID’s and/or birth certificates as proofs of residency.
  5. Each group must show up 1 hour before the competition starts failure to do so may mean forfeiture of their entry.
  6. There will be registration fee of Php500 per group.
  7. As part of our Town Fiesta Celebration, qualifiers must include music related to the event; I. Minimum of 30 seconds and a max of minute.
  8. Participants will be given an opportunity to block their routine on stage before the day of competition. Each group is allowed to do their blockings for a maximum of 15 minutes. Management will be the one to monitor the blocking schedule and time. Those who are absent/late for their designated blocking time will not be allowed to block on stage.
  9. A panel of Judges shall determine the based on the forgoing criteria. Any violation of the forgoing rules may cause 3 points deduction per violation on the final score. The decision of the panel of judges is final and irrevocable.
  10. Performance order will be determined by the management via drawing of lots.


  1. Performance and Stage Rules
    • The duration of the dance should be a minimum of three (3) minutes, and a maximum of eight minutes.
    • Any kind of dance style is allowed (locking, popping, crump, house, stepping, breakdance, wacking, tutting, vogueing, party dances, urban dance choreography) or any kind of dance with the style as their focal thought of choreography, provided that the choreographers of the group have the proper knowledge or background to execute it properly.
    • No vulgarity, obscenity, and explicit contents are allowed.
    • Dangerous stunts are not allowed.
  2. Costumes and Props
    • Costumes must be decent
    • All costumes malfunction resulting team members being exposed are grounds for deductions. Please make sure to have dress rehearsal prior to competition to work out any costume problem.
    • Props that are not considered as an integral part of a crew’s attire are prohibited.
    • Attire may include accessories such as hats, scarves, Caps, gloves, jewelries, etc. Removing pieces of clothing during the performance is permitted provided it is not offensive or out of the character.
    • Body/Face oils or paints/ other substances applied to the body or clothing that may affect the clean dry surface of the stage and the satisfies of fellow competitors are prohibited.
  3. Music Requirements
    • The music used in the routine must be a minimum of three (3) minutes and a maximum of eight minutes.
    • As part of our Town Fiesta Celebration, qualifiers must include music related to the event for at least thirty (30) seconds and a maximum of one (1) minute.
    • Participant’s audition music must be submitted through email at with the group name.
    • There is no maximum or minimum number of songs/recording that may be used in the routine, and may be edited to enhance choreography and personal performance.
    • The competition music must not contain inappropriate, lewd, or offensive language.
  4. Inevitable Circumstances.
    • These are occurrences beyond the control of the crew that affects their ability to perform at the beginning of any time in a routine. An extraordinary circumstance is not limited to the following: (1) incorrect music is played or cued, (2) Music problems due to equipment malfunction; (3) Disturbances caused by general equipment failure:
    • In case the routine is stopped by an extraordinary circumstance, the management and/or judges will review the situation, and upon confirming a decision and correcting the problem, the crew will be re-introduced, and will be allowed to re-start their routine.
  5. Medical Attention
    • It is the responsibility of the group members, manager, or choreographer to report a group member’s injury or illness to the management.
    • If at any time, prior to or during competition, a group member becomes ill or injured, or his/her physical or emotional condition is at risk by participating, he/she may be declared ineligible to compete, and may be disqualified from the competition. The management reserves the right to withdraw any competitor who appears to have such serious disability or injury or needs medical attention.
    • The management reserves the right to request the submission of a physician’s written authorization for a group member that is deemed medically or emotionally at risk by the event organizers, to completes.


  • 1st Place: Php15,000.00
  • 2nd Place: Php10,000.00
  • 3rd Place: Php5,000.00


  • PERFORMANCE (Group execution, Synchronization and Spacing) – 20%
  • CHOREOGRAPHY (30%) This refers to the broad selection of dance moves used by the group from the different style, without repetition or pattern blockings should also be observed, thus the group must be aware of the spacing and full utilization of the stage. The originally, complexity and creativity of the steps used is an important aspect of this criterion.
  • MUSICALITY AND ORIGINALITY (20%) Timing between the steps and the music used is an important factor in addition, the choice of music for the style of the dance must be relevant to the steps and to the message of the song. Deductions will be made for timing errors.
  • PREPAREDNESS AND EXECUTION (20%) Proper execution and mastery of the steps used by the group is a critical element in this criterion. Dance moves must be synchronized and/or unified.
  • SHOWMANSHIP AND APPEARANCE (10%) The group must establish a connection with the audience by expressing confidence by maintaining eye contact and use of facial expressions. The groups clothing/costumes also affect the mood of the dance so it is must to be observe.
  • EXECUTION OF TOWN FIESTA RELATED MUSIC (10%) The group must include a dance that connects to the town fiesta event.
  • AUDIENCE IMPACT (10%) The group must connect through the audience and evoke them with expressions of laughter, excitement, joy or any sense of emotion relative to the style and to the message of the dance that needs to be delivered well into the audience.

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