• This event is open to all the participating teams that are registered and recognized by the Sangguniang Kabataan of the different barangays of Bula.
  • Teams of each barangay must be composed of 3 members.
  • Every team shall be provided with a board, chalk, and an eraser by the committee in charge.
  • The quiz shall cover two main topics: General Knowledge and History of and/or anything about Bula.
  • The quiz shall have three (3) rounds of the contest with the following number of items and pointing system:
    • Easy Round (25 items) – 1 point
    • Average Round (15 items) – 3 points
    • Difficult Round ( 10 items) – 5 points
  • Types of quizzes are Multiple Choice and Identification.
  • Every question shall be read by the quiz master twice. After which, teams shall have 5 seconds to answer for the easy round, 10 seconds for the average round, and 15 seconds for the difficult round. Then, wait for the quiz master’s signal to raise their board.
  • All answers must be written clearly and appropriately in all caps.
  • Team scores shall be tallied every round. After the three (3) rounds of the contest, scores shall be added for the accumulation of the final score.
  • In case of a tie, the teams shall then proceed to a tie-breaking round with a race-to-five challenge to determine the winner.
  • The first three (3) teams to garner the highest number of scores shall be declared winners and shall be awarded certificates and cash.
  • Participating teams shall be present at the venue five (5) minutes before the actual starting time. An allowance of five (5) minutes shall then be given to ensure that all teams are already present. After the allotted time, the quiz proper shall start.
  • In case of late attendance, the team shall still be acknowledged and allowed to participate but pursuing only in the time being and round/item number they arrived at.
  • Teams are not allowed to use mobile phones or any gadgets for the duration of the quiz proper. They are also prohibited to bring unnecessary things to avoid cheating.
  • Under bad circumstances that a team is caught cheating of any form and by any means, they shall be subjected to the committee for disqualification.