Saint Mary Magdalene Parish

Salvacion, Bula Camarines Sur

One of the first established parishes along with Quipayo of Calabanga and Nabua which is 435 years to date.The town’s first Church of Mary Madalene was destroyed by fire in 1676. The second, built in 1688, was destroyed by a typhoon in 1700. The present structure was completed in 1706 and repaired in 1876 and 1885. The feast of the patron saint is celebrated every 21st and 22nd of July.

Tan-Awan Park

Bagoladio, Bula Camarines Sur

Wake up early and climb up for the cold morning breeze, the lovely panorama of Bula and its neighboring towns and the perfect sunrise that speak romance at Tan-awan. It is home to the statue of Our Lady of The Family where pilgrims and devotees often go and visit along with their prayers and faith. It’s the best place to witness the sun as it rises behind three of the most astonishing mountains (Mt. Asog, Mt. Mayon, and Mt. Malinao) alongside the famous Mt. Isarog, spreading light to the calm province with promise of a new day.

Caorasan Beach Resort

Caorasan, Bula Camarines Sur

Caorasan is one of the barangays in Bula, Cam Sur. Other beaches nearby: Hamoraon Beach Resort, Itangon Island Resort, White Peebles Beach and Mangente Beach Resort.

This is located 25 kilometers from the poblacion and can be reached by land and sea transportation. It is a 10-minute ride by boat from Itangon Beach or a 45-minute ride by boat via the town of Balatan. Comparable with Itangon Beach, Caorasan has also crystal-clear and unpolluted seawater.

Itangon Beach Resort

Itangon, Bula Camarines Sur

Located 17 kilometers from the poblacion, this beach is scenically shielded by Bagodila Points with five hectare cliff, coconut and forest vegetation overlooking the scenic gulf. It has a gentle slope from the bank down to the deeper portion approximately 100 meters from the shore. Soothing waves striking along the seashore, the idyllic atmosphere and the invigorating sea breeze supplemented by the abundant seafood in the area provide a prospective tourist with an alternative experience from the humdrum of city life.

Nalalata Falls

Lubgan, Bula Camarines Sur

Nalalata Falls has an impressive gush of water providing a cool mist and spray to the area. The falls has an approximate height of 60 feet. Water streams down to a pool basin that is good for swimming. The water is clean and cool. At both sides of the falls, there are two caves that can be explored. The falls is located in the town of Bula, Camarines Sur.

There is a wealth of pleasure waiting to be experienced in the town’s pristine hideaway that has enchanted many visits. After an excitingly pleasant nature hike, you will be rewarded with the calming view of the Nalalata falls with its graceful cascades of water flowing down. Truly, it is among the most beautiful in the world.

Tan-Awan Community Eco Park Viewing Deck

Bagoladio, Bula Camarines Sur